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Glenlake Capital Partners is a Chicagoland Medical and Dental Space Finder (lease or purchase) for dentists, veterinarians and physicians. We know that your medical practice presents business-specific challenges and demands that most realtors are unprepared to handle. We offer a comprehensive fact-finding and strategic process for finding the optimum facility to meet your needs.  We help our clients through the critical phases of the typical lease-or-purchase transactions.

Phase I — Define the Market to be Explored

    • Distance from clients current and/or future home
    • Preferred Demographics
    • Competition
    • Retail vs Professional Building location

Phase II — Define Requirements

    • Number of Operatories, exam rooms and peripherals that define the square footage requirement.
    • Lease vs Purchase
    • Required Zoning
    • Special Requirements (Electrical, HVAC, Parking, Access to Natural Light etc.)
    • Signage/Visibility
    • Traffic count desired

Phase III —Assist in Assembling a Team, typically including:

    • Lawyer
    • Lender
    • Equipment Supplier
    • Accountant
    • Architect
    • General Contractor

Phase IV —Establish a workable time frame and help guide clients through the stages from  initiation of search to proposed practice opening date

    • Establish location criteria
    • Survey the Market
    • Winnow the Prospects to a reasonable number
    • Tour Prospective Sites
    • Issue Letter of Intent
    • Negotiate Lease
    • Accomplish Lease Signing
    • Prepare/obtain Architectural Drawings
    • Complete Permit/Zoning Process
    • Construction
    • Open Practice at new site
    • Prepare Lease Summary/Critical Dates List

Our Clients:

A partial list of  clients who have benefited from our full-service approach is included below.

  • ?Zisham Alam OD
  • Jennifer Anda, DVM
  • Iva Arnaudova, DDS
  • Linda Arrich, DDS
  • William Bacon, DDS
  • Karen Bannow, DVM
  • Ken Barker, DDS
  • Essmat Barzai, DDS
  • Brooke Benson, DDS
  • Jessica Bertoglio, DDS
  • Michael Bicknell, DDS
  • Tim Brandes, DVM
  • Diana Brawka, DDS
  • Daniela Brzozowski, DDS
  • Joanne Carlson, DVM
  • James Chang, DVM
  • Chist Church
  • Scott Clinton, DDS
  • Emilio Couret, DDS
  • Beth DeBaker
  • Cathy DiVincenzo, MD
  • Milan Doshi, DDS
  • Angela Duke, DVM
  • Debra Eldridge, DDS
  • Ronald Eldridge, DDS
  • Andy Elliff, DDS
  • Laura Elliff, DDS
  • Alia Ezziddin, DDS
  • Geoff Fenner, MD
  • Jamal Flowers, DDS
  • Chad Freund, DDS
  • Thomas Gibbs, DDS
  • Robert Govoni, DDS
  • Bindu Gulati, DDS
  • Thomas Haugh, DDS
  • Gail Henry, DVM
  • Szilard Herman DMD
  • Marty Hogan, DDS
  • Frank Hoogeweg, DVM
  • Jon Jacobson, DVM
  • Priti Jain, DDS
  • Daniel Johnson, DDS
  • Jeff Kazmierczak, PhD
  • Peter Kics, DDS
  • Francis Kim, DDS
  • Joe Kimmerling
  • William Kisker, DDS
  • Steve Kozerski
  • Paul Lamberti, MD
  • Grace Lee, DDS
  • Jihye Lee, DDS
  • Nirvana Leix, DDS
  • Vincent Lin, DDS
  • Daniel Markwalder, DVM
  • Jill McMahon, DDS
  • Scott Miller, DDS
  • Kahja Mohsinuddin, DDS
  • Peter Monaghan, DDS
  • Denise Murmann, DDS
  • Deepak Neduvelil, DDS
  • Alexis Newman, DVM
  • Michael Nolan, DDS
  • Nolan Freund, DDS
  • De'Aulin Olguin, DDS
  • David Olson, MD
  • Elaine Olson, MD
  • Darren Pakravan, DDS
  • Dean Park, DDS
  • Steve Parker, DDS
  • Mohit Patalia, DDS
  • Hetal Patel, DDS
  • Garnet Patterson, DDS
  • Michael Peske, DDS
  • Scott Petereit, DVM
  • Charisse Petrelli, DDS
  • Russell Pollina, DDS
  • Chris Pottorff, DDS
  • Madhuri Punaty, DDS
  • George Relias, DDS
  • Hicham Riba, DDS
  • Regina Rocha, DDS
  • Mike Schietinger
  • Brian Shah, DDS, MD
  • Kitaki Shah, DDS
  • Ben Shechter, DVM
  • Kent Shinozaki, DDS
  • William Simon, DDS
  • Anshuman Soni, DDS
  • Elizabeth Spence, DDS
  • Deepa Sridhar, DDS
  • Bozena Sutkowski, DDS
  • Ali Taghipour, DDS
  • Sukhjinder Thind, DDS
  • Mary Tierney, DDS
  • Anthony Tisoncik, DDS
  • Jessica Torok, DVM
  • Joe Whalen, DVM
  • Jeff Winterich, DDS
  • Jon Wong, DDS
  • Chris Worth, DDS
  • Priscilla Yeung, DDS
  • Eric Young, DDS

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